Shipping Info

In order to provide our customers with the most economical shipping service, we basically use Japan Post. However, with unexpected changes in the world situation (including the Covid pandemic and so on), international postal services have been unstable for the past few years, and Japan Post has temporarily suspended its services addressed to many countries.

Please check here for the latest information.

For destination countries that cannot be shipped by Japan Post, we are using FedEx as follows.

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are based on the amount of your order and the your country.

To find out how much your order will cost, add the items you would like to purchase to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page. Once at the checkout screen, shipping charges will be displayed. 

The shipping chart is below;

Country / Area FedEx Japan Post free shipping apllied Order below US$49.99

Order US$50-99.99

Order US$100-179.99 delivery time
USA, Germany ✔️ purchase over $180 $16 $12 $8 3-10days
Mexico ✔️ purchase over $100 $9 $6 free shipping 7-14days
Asia ✔️ purchase over $100 $8 $6 free shipping 14-28days

Australia,New Zealand

✔️ purchase over $180 $9 $6 free shipping 31-45days
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland,France, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway,  Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,UK
✔️ purchase over $100 $9 $6 free shipping 14-31days

Shipping FAQs

Q: What is the processing time? 
-Typically, it takes 1-4 business days to process orders. Please keep in mind that processing time will change due to holiday season and store special occasions. 

Q: Do I need to provide a phone number?
-For surely delivery, FedEx may need to contact you for delivery. 

Q: I want my order to be delivered to P.O. box.
-FedEx cannot deliver parcels to P.O. boxes. If there is no street address available, you can use EMS by Japan Post depending on the destination. Please contact us at

Q: Can I track my package?
-All packages come with tracking service.

Q: I can't find my country in the list above.
-If your country is not listed above, please feel free to contact us directly at We will be happy to check available shipping service and shipping cost.

Q: My country is checked with Japan Post in the list above, but I would like to have it shipped by FedEx.
-We will check the rates and charge you an additional fee. Please contact us at

Shipping terms and condition

-If your shipping address is out of delivery area by FedEx, additional charges may apply.

-The delivery time is estimated but not guaranteed. Please understand that after the parcel has left Japan, it is out of our control.

-If we are unable to contact you, and the parcel is returned to us after the storage period has expired, you will be charged for the return shipping costs and customs fees. Refund to the customer will be made after deducting those charges.
*In the case of being shipped by Japan Post, even if the parcel is returned , no return shipping fee will be charged, and only the one-way shipping fee will be deducted and refunded to the customer. 

Customers in the U.S.

Orders to the USA are normally shipped using FedEx, but if your order includes a pen, we will ship it using Japan Post.
This is because when shipping via FedEx, the ink in the pens is considered a chemical and the consignee may be required to submit a TSCA form at import clearance, in accordance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).
If you are able to submit the TSCA form, please contact us and we will send it via FedEx.

Customers in EU

As of July 1, 2021, the EU has introduced a new system of Import One stop Shop (IOSS) for small value imports, but we have not obtained an IOSS number and this store(Fantastic Japan) does not collect VAT from our customers.

Therefore, EU customers are required to pay VAT and handling fee to customs or courier service providers (FedEx or Post Office) when receiving the parcel.  Please note that we are unable to calculate the VAT to be collected at the destination.
Our store at Etsy market place 「Someday Someplace」 collects VAT from customers at checkout on behalf of Etsy, and we ship parcels with the IOSS number which is provided by Etsy.  So you do not have to pay VAT when you receive your package. 
If you are unsure of how much of VAT you will be charged, we recommend you to shop at our Etsy shop. Please note that the IOSS system does not apply to purchase over 150 euros (135 British pounds), even on Etsy.

For further information on the IOSS, please check here.

Customers in Australia (Updated on October 22, 2022)

We are currently experiencing considerable delivery delays for mail parcels to Australia. Also please note that although a tracking number is provided, it is not possible to check the delivery status of your package after arriving in Australia.
If you want your package to be delivered quickly and surely, please select FedEx as an upgrade delivery option.