Autumn is here for your

Feel the autumn with unique greetings
traditional hand craft

Japanese Paper balloon

Japanese letter sets

Explore our huge collection. Jump in the deep paper forest!
Polk Dot roll sticker -sound of breeze-
Cozyca post card / -amulet- by Aiko Fukawa
Japanese Washi Writing Letter Pad and Envelopes -Squirrels playing in Autumn-
Birthday Blooming card -Anemone-
Greeting Life Inc.
kyupodo Masking Tape -Mole Post-

Photograph Stamp

amazingly photorealistic stamps


Let it be with you
Creative color stamp

What color will it be if I three colors layer? You can learn how the three primary colors work with this stamp kit!

mini mini hug card

The panda holds your message secretly with care! Message can be written on the belly of Panda.

photorealistic stamp

Such a unique stamp ever! A photorealistic cat face appears when stamped.

Photograph stamp