Q: What is the difference between this shop (Fantastic Japan)  and Etsy shop (Someday Somaplece)?

- Basically, the items we carry and the selling prices are the same in both shops.
With the increase in the number of items carried, we wanted to create a web shop that allows customers to browse easier and has a more flexible design in introducing the goods.
(Another reason is that the commission rate we pay to Etsy is getting higher every year.)
however there are differences in shipping and taxes on both shops. Please contact us at contact@fantastic-japan.com if you would like to confirm any further details.

 Q: Do you do wholesale?

-Since we are a retailer, we basically do not provide wholesale. However, we can provide paper balloons in some bulk quantities and discounts depending on the quantity. Please contact at contact@fantastic-japan.com

 Q: Do you offer gift-wrapping service?

-Basically, we offer our own wrapping for all orders. If you need gift-wrapping for a specific occasion, please leave a note at the checkout page or please contact us at contact@fantastic-japan.com before placing your order. We will do our best to accommodate you.