About US

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We love collecting Japanese unique paper goods and share them with the world from Japan.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been attracted to paper products and loved spent a lot of time in the stationery shop. Some of the cute letter sets I found were carefully stored in an empty cookie tin for safekeeping, and the rest I wrote letters to my grandparents.

(↑My grandfather, who passed away last year, had kept the letters I sent him with care for long time.)

Now that I am an adult, with the spreading of digital devices has reduced my opportunities to write letters, but I am still into papers. I don't know why but I am more attracted to paper than to sparkling jewels.
We opened this shop in the hope that there might be others like me in the world. We would like to share with everyone in the world the excitement and joy that I felt in the stationery shop when I was a little girl.

Please enjoy looking around our shop and find your special item!
Have a wonderful time:)